Bright Lights in Hard Times

Developed during the online semester 2020, the Weißensee Kunsthochscule Visual Communication and Spatial Strategies collaborative project will be available in October 2020 in both digital and physical publications.

Udi Goldstein,

Akane Kawaguchi,

Anita Nguyen,

Amanda Priebe,

Elisa T. Bertuzzo,

Francesca Sciarmella,

Anneliese Wabnitz,

Ipek Erdöl,

Oliver Dougherty,

Alina Albertine Warnecke,

Hannah Santana,

Samuel Smelty,

Laila Kaletta

Semester Emotional Recording


Planet Earth, 2020: A virus called Corona has turned the world upside down. In a general state of emergency, governments and civil society are taking measures which could have serious consequences for our future coexistence. With fears of a further strengthening of authoritarian regimes and the inbuilt inequality of our societies surfacing, resilient and solidary positionings become more important than ever. Based on individual artistic research, experiments and self-attempts, as well as on conversations with designers, artists and activists from different cities and countries, the publication tackles urgent questions, challenges, as well as solutions showing possible ways out of the homemade »coronavirus crisis« – and  offers thereby a guide to survival in critical times.

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